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Is your Commercial Ice Machine really clean

You may think your Commercial Ice Machine is clean, but is it really clean? Customers expect every time they use commercial ice machines they are clean. But with every commercial ice machine, whether the kind found attached to fountain drink dispensers. Also stand-alone units, are prone to scale build-up, as well as mold growth, on the water lines. So do you have your ice machines cleaned, maintained and serviced?

Ice produced comes into contact with cold beverages and if the Commercial Ice Machines are not kept clean they can create taste issues, health concerns, and equipment failure! That’s why commercial ice machines need regular professional cleaning to maintain the integrity of the machine.

Lime scale is a killer to Commercial Ice Machines, they may cause other parts, such as sensors, water pumps, and water distributors to fail, which will make you Ice Machine break down.
They only way to keep your Commercial Ice Machines from breaking down just as you need them is by having them professionally cleaned by getting them disassembled and thoroughly cleaned.

Money Saving Tip: To help reduce costs you can maintain your Commercial Ice Machines yourself between service calls by replacing water filters every six months, using antimicrobials, and cleaning your Ice Machines regularly.

Book your Commercial Ice Machine Professional Clean and Maintenance Visit today by calling Fridge UK on 01494 520 530 or email [email protected]

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