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Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

Commercial equipment should be properly maintained to ensure efficiency, longevity and ultimately reduce running costs. Refrigeration Maintenance tips are very important to follow and to take into consideration the Environmental Health Organisation and the strict requirements that must be adhered to.

Here are a few tips to help achieve good standards:

Door Seals / Gaskets
Energy Saving Tip: Check regularly for splits or ill fitting seals that are a breeding ground for bacteria and lead to loss of energy. Providing seals are in good condition they may be cleaned carefully with warm water and gentle detergent.

Walk in Fridges and Freezers
• Check the evaporator (where the cold air blows from) if it is iced up there is a problem.
• Ensure doors are not frequently left open and have PVC strips fitted to prevent temperature elevations.
• Ensure stock is not piled up around the evaporator as this causes a reduction in air flow.
• Regular temperature checks will tell you if a cabinet is recovering temperature properly after heavy use.

Fridge and Freezer Cabinets
Check the condenser cover at the back of the cabinet, if you can see fluff and it looks dirty then it needs to be professionally cleaned, this will prevent a cabinet from overheating and leading to further costly repairs, for example a new compressor.

Regularly clean the drain hole and drip pan to remove condensation and food particles.

Ice Machines
REMEMBER: Ice is classed as a food product.
The bin should be cleaned and sanitised weekly and the water circuit of the machine should be de-scaled and sanitised annually.

My equipment is not working
Check it’s plugged in! You would be surprised how common this is……….
If it is and still doesn’t work, try plugging in something else to test the socket.

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